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Adult Counselling

Counselling provides a safe space for paying attention to your own thoughts feelings and emotions. There is time for you to get to the root of your distress and to gain greater clarity about what you want and need.

I hope that there will be a bond between us and that you will be comfortable enough to talk about whatever matters to you. I believe that we all know ourselves better than anyone else can so I do not try to direct clients or to impose my views. I am not judging you or telling you what to do, my intention is to form a relationship where you feel at ease to speak freely. I am interested in how you experience your issues and how situations and relationships impact you.

Whilst we are together I am listening to you and also noticing my own reactions. Self-awareness helps me to be genuine and open, and to share my own insights when this seems to be helpful.

As a client becoming more self-aware can be both challenging and empowering. You may find that you are in touch with your own resources and strengths. You are likely to discover more about yourself and your relationships.

Counselling for young people

The teenage years are a time of physical and psychological change. You may be tackling questions such as: Who am I? What do I want in life? How do I fit in with my friends and family?

Pressures can come from various sources including family breakdown, relationships, bullying, abuse, alcohol and drugs, exams, becoming independent, finding employment and the online environment. There are messages from the media (sometimes conflicting) about how to look, how to dress and how to be. For some people there are pressures to engage in sexual activity before feeling ready. At times life can feel worrying, stressful, desperate and out of control.

Counselling is an opportunity to speak with a professional about anything that is distressing, confusing and difficult to cope with. You may choose to have a few counselling sessions to help get through a hard time or you might benefit from long term support.

Children's Counselling

Counselling can be very helpful when children are feeling unhappy, anxious, confused and angry. Sometimes a child's behaviour is an indication of their distress, for example frequently being in trouble at school and a general loss of enthusiasm and interest. Children who are experiencing life changes such as bereavement, illness and parental divorce, can find it easier to adapt with the support of a professional counsellor.

Young children may find that it is difficult to talk about their feelings. Through creative play such as puppets and art materials, children can express themselves in their own way and we can work with the issues that are troubling them.

In my experience, children who are willing to meet with me are most likely to benefit from their therapy sessions. If you are wondering how to suggest counselling to your child we can discuss this in a telephone conversation.

Some children prefer to see me alone whilst others feel more comfortable if a parent is with them. I also work with parent and child together, when there are problems between the two of you.

Couples and Family Counselling

When there are problems in our relationships we can experience distress, anxiety and anger. Speaking with each other openly may become difficult due to underlying tensions and a loss of trust. Sometimes people have drifted apart and would like to have a greater sense of companionship and belonging as part of a couple or within their family setting.

We all bring our own history, personality, hopes, desires, culture and ways of coping to relationships. Difficulties can arise when there are differing opinions, needs and wishes. Daily pressures and life events can also have an impact. These may be associated with work, physical and mental health, family, parenting, friends, finances, bereavement, forming new relationships, the effects of drugs and alcohol, not having enough time, and more. Exploring a presenting issue can reveal further areas that need our attention.

Working with a qualified counsellor can help you to identify and address the causes of your difficulties and to understand each other's feelings and perspectives. There is time and space for each person to express themselves and to be heard. You can also improve upon how you communicate your views and emotions with each other. Changes and ways forward tend to emerge and you might reach decisions which can also be explored and discussed.

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Paula Newman is a counsellor in Stanmore offering daytime and evening appointments.
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